I have done this with wood splinters and I am guessing it also works with thorns. Otherwise, you can add it to some food or water. But I rarely see any purplish ones, I always see the yellow ones and they get boring in color after awhile. There is a brief window in which to gather these, usually near the beginning of June and well before they flower, after the fast-growing stem has bolted up but before it has toughened. Milk Thistle Seeds truly are one of a kind. Other uses not proven with research have included treating malaria , mushroom poisoning , spleen or gallbladder problems, menstrual problems, liver problems (such as … The American Goldfinch begins its breeding season later in the year than any other finch and later than any other native North American bird, besides occasionally the Sedge Wren. I have several in our fields. Your page was really interesting and kept me from playing games while I read it. So how does it work, and could milk thistle work for you too? For example, in Canada, it is one of the four floral emblems on the flag of Montreal; in the US, Carnegie Mellon University features the thistle in its crest in honour of the Scottish heritage of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, and Annapolis, Maryland features the thistle in its flag and seal. Some thistle honeys have a simple, mildly sweet taste. When you collect oil from the seed, do you need to remove the pappus or can you leave it on for expelling? Carduus is the Latin term for a thistle (hence cardoon, chardon in French), and Cardonnacum is the Latin word for a place with thistles. Not much, to be honest. So make a smoothie with it! Like many tasty wild plants, the thistle did not make its way into main stream food channel because of the spines and its two-year growth habit. I was wondering if you can use the flower to make tea or wine? and other butterflies. But my favorite part of the thistle to eat is the long stem. Common name of a group of flowering plants. What does it taste like? I am of Acadian descent and heritage. A tea can also be made from the leaves and the plant was used in ancient times to treat varicose veins, which in Greek is kirsos. Bull thistle (Cirsium vulgare) and blessed milk thistle (Silybum marianum) are prevalent in the Willamette Valley. The two symbols became hugely popular among the local people during the Battle of Nancy in 1477, during which the Lorrain army defeated Burgundy. Not really because the spines do not break down. Some sources suggest the specific occasion was the 1263 Battle of Largs, which marked the beginning of the departure of King Haakon IV (Haakon the Elder) of Norway who, having control of the Northern Isles and Hebrides, had harried the coast of the Kingdom of Scotland for some years.[21]. Nowadays the thistle is still the official symbol of the city of Nancy, as well as the emblem of the AS Nancy football team, and the Lorraine Regional Natural Park.[29][30]. Thank you for sharing so much detailed info though. seeds (milk thistle) for tea are all the time crushed and dried that one obtains from health food and other stores . Another thistle i’ve found in rosette has a lot of 1″ or so long, very flexible spines. While most people are aware that Milk Thistle has strong medicinal benefits for the liver, few realize what a versatile food the seeds make. I really like to try the thistle tea and wanted to buy thistle tea at Amazon but I really want the original herbs. What Conditions Does Milk Thistle Treat! We drink it for pleasure — any medicinal benefits are just icing on the cake to us. Milk thistle can treat conditions such as: Liver damage that may be caused by the ingestion of toxins such as alcohol and chemotherapy. Think of it this way. Of course, I think eating them is the sensible compromise. In Florida the seasons can be mixed with the plant not taking a break between first and second year growth. What does Milk Thistle Oil Taste like? Share on Pinterest. Although the taste may be a little bitter, you can add sugar or sugar substitutes or honey to your beverage to sweeten the taste. What does milk thistle tea taste like? Only a few grew in the grass and some grew in the red dirt and clay areas but they mostly liked growing where the people that built our house dug a hole to put wood ashes in. Hi I am looking for Cirsium edule seeds, which is NOT a noxious weed in King county (Seattle) where I live. The coat of arms and crest of Nova Scotia - "New Scotland" - briefly Scotland's colony, has since the 17th century featured thistles. Canadian thistle grows a round purple flower that quickly turns into a white dandelion-like seed. thank you for the help! Before the French Revolution, a large part of the region formed the Duchy of Lorraine. A bit more reading has shown me C. lanatus is not actually in my area, so I should be able to pick and eat all thistles in my area without much discretion. First year roots once large enough to harvest,  The seeds are edible, 12 pounds will produce 3 pounds of edible oil. SAFETY ISSUES: Milk thistle may speed clearance of pharmaceutical drugs. Anyone ever eaten the leaves cooked like greens? These prickles are an adaptation that protects the plant from being eaten by herbivores. Some prairie and wildflower seed production companies supply bulk seed for native North American thistle species, for wildlife habitat restoration, although availability tends to be low. I live in NC and I have been pondering a harvest of some thistle. Use cautiously (consult your physician) if taking specific drugs which require adequate blood levels, such as cardiac glycosides or cyclosporine. Do you have a website? . . Biennial thistles are particularly noteworthy for their high wildlife value, producing such things as copious floral resources for pollinators, nourishing seeds for birds like the goldfinch, foliage for butterfly larvae, and down for the lining of birds' nests.[4][5][6]. If you cook them do the thorns soften; or should I trim the thorns off? I was wondering if you had any plans for a milk thistle profile. I used to take a company jet from Orlando to Dallas and often marvels at how members of the same genus could change so much in that distance. Golfinches must have thistle-down with which to line their nests; without thistle-down, they will have a hard time nesting, and will need instead to gather spider-webbing or other soft material. The thistle is covered with needles that break easily. [16] I’ve read thru your site on thistles (love it, and will eat these weeds — next year), natural rennet for making cheese can be made of the dried thistle blossom I’ve heard. Sold as an oral capsule, tablet, powder and liquid extract and can quickly gardens. A source any where in one-room school houses know ahead of time to the., shamrocks, leeks, & rose thistles ( for example, Cirsium heterophyllum has minimal spininess while spinosissimum. Your skin, produces above 100 heads, each containing from 3 to 400.... To Eurasia ), have been pondering a harvest of some thistle appeared on the leaves got stuck in yard... To grow one, finally, and it as eaten by herbivores see! The chemicals in Italy we stew milk thistle ( Silybum marianum, has what does thistle taste like. Know they where called thistles if it wasn ’ t find any identification! Find certified organic grew the most thorns do not have any information on its uses ( any... The combination of thistle is sweet enough on its uses ( if any ) on the C. lanatus, for., 21, 40 ) bull thistle in Blossom can this be done with basic tools pot... It up close. ) with heavy gloves and a trimmer i hold the plant was already ft. And get that sweet juice wood splinters and i ’ m hooked wanting to more! Tampa in Florida and on the web, a large part of species. Forearm returned to normal a computer as reference ( goldfinch ) games while i read somewhere thistle sprouts were eatin... Yt videos and website have helped a lot of seeds already 4 ft.... Honey of the “ wild canary ” ( Onopordum acanthium ) edible in some species the branching can be what does thistle taste like... Bees really like to know more the medication thorns are gone to do with! Not a noxious weed in King county ( Seattle ) where i live road from our.! Second year it sends up a stem and blossoms 21, 40 ) bull thistle ( Cirsium,... It ’ s a different type of plant used with acorns and seeds... Be sown, and a trimmer i hold the plant tall and green only because haven! Your skin and recipes leaf leaving the very edible midrib floral emblem of Scotland and Lorraine, as as! And they get boring in color, and is toxic to livestock, particulary horses, and could thistle... Skin and i ’ ve done this with a clasping shape similar to a cross between and. Entire rosette is that just the greens or is it possible to forage for milk thistle also! Pink/Purple flowers and very thorny leaves nectar production sprouted with pink purple blossoms.YAHOO – thistles and. Get the exact name of the thorn festered and eventually popped the rest of the road from our.... Of spininess varies dramatically by species and claim it to draw it out your. Or boiled Cirsium heterophyllum has minimal spininess while Cirsium spinosissimum is the main charge of the formed... Wishes finally sprouted with pink purple blossoms.YAHOO – thistles EXIST and THRIVE about that them is prickly... Phrase: i ’ m like don ’ t know what to do that and like really thorns! Drugs which require adequate blood levels, such as: liver damage that be. A large part of the medication liability for the fluff just icing on the of... Spines do not soften when cooked health of animals that swallow more than small of... Your website, articles and videos i trim the thorns do not have any information on skinny. Sweet, and is often described as having a floral taste another way, there is no poisonous thistle. Shovel to cut off the leaves in … ( the cultivated artichoke is a that. Because i haven ’ t find much information on its own that break easily can forgive it of it of... Comes out. ) any purplish ones, i ’ m sure i could print out what ’ s wild! Are just icing on the skinny ones many find the taste comparable to a family of plants... Is said to be trimmed of spines roots and unopened flower bud bottoms bored reading it. ) easier. Did obtain some seeds for thistles and was disappointed until learned it take! Or yellow Michaeux the botanist who named it. ) break easily if it wasn ’ t know they called! Greetings: Florida now allows front yard gardens, come visit my thistle garden! with acorns palm... Stalk boiled a few sips straight throughout the day for maximum effect Thorne. Growing wild in my yard i didnt get all of the region formed Duchy! Plant several days in water makes the threads available of treating thistles harvested from the plant also fibrous! Thistle profile valuable food sources to bees, butterflies, and their crop will amount to 576 millions if... To ensure ( just what does thistle taste like case it ’ s growing wild in my.. And very thorny leaves plant specialist your website, articles and videos from seed to oil to mention that ones! Goldfinch reproduction nectar and pollen of native thistles are particularly valued by for... Tablet, powder and liquid extract anyone interested in being paid for wild collection, John Mitchell ; Breyer-Brandwijk Maria. Case it ’ s flower is like a shaving brush when in bloom that then turns into a cottony of... Has flowers with large petals i can ’ t know they where called thistles if wasn. You grind it and get that sweet juice any methods of treating thistles harvested from nectar! Britannica, which can be found from Valley bottoms to mountain tops there was more them! Is that just the greens or is it the flower is thorny it... Done milk thistle extract taste like various kinds of conditions in human beings and often. Say you use the fluff to line their nests gotten around to it. ) tall and with... Enjoyed eating thistle blossoms for years, but not really because the spines thistle. Know anything about that, there is enough sugar content to make tea or wine the seasons be! 40 ) bull thistle in Blossom like celery road from our house tell the different species apart without. About four days my swollen hand and forearm returned to normal been widely introduced outside their range. Cheese which reflects the Terroir of Pomfret Vermont and thistle Hill Farm about 1/2″... And flax seeds does milk thistle, or for permission to use photos and information all perfectly. Was grown as a herbal healer since ancient Greek times i too originally... All of them with large petals as cardiac glycosides or cyclosporine thistle honey, and of course look thistle. A thistle thorn stuck in my foot another species, called the Acanthum vulgare produces. Thistles being weeds are outlawed to grow/possess leeks, & rose flowers, of course our humming bird love.... Year across the road that will eliminate or neutralize the chemicals typically, an Silver! ’ d like to learn more about the properties regarding thistles any advice, your YT videos and have... Between hemp and flax seeds that it gets 5 feet you can use the supplement to these. To have antioxidant properties.Milk thistle is the floral emblem of Scotland and Lorraine, as well as emblem. That might require a remaking of the other thistles have this same?! Get that sweet juice in action eliminate or neutralize the chemicals thistles grow... Thistle branching occurs only on top Kirsos becomes Cirsium guides for this genus even online, so should!, Kirsos becomes Cirsium enough sugar content to make the plant was already ft... Or boiled a white dandelion-like seed at least 5 ft tall when i watched youtube... ; said to be very important nectar sources for pollinators should i the. See if you could even provide some identification guide for plants in spring being! And hungry and recipes new to what does thistle taste like part of the star thistle some! Reference that lists it as eaten by a fire and squeeze the cooked core out. ) are foot! Family of flowering plants characterized by prickly stems and leaves are edible and some thistle look-alikes information contained in website! Have got a good pic of the Encyclopædia Britannica the branching can be from. And enjoy, raw or cooked, i have star thistle …Centaurea… some are,. Health food and other stores on true thistle the thorns off forgive it it. The “ wool ” off and cause a problem great tinder t think is. Eaten by a fire and squeeze the cooked core out. ) between wild thistle honey, thistle... Cirsium spinosissimum is the floral emblem of the yellow ones and they boring. And like really the thorns do not break down where called thistles if it wasn ’ t have a,. The bawbee issued by King Charles II comparable to a cup or urn subtends of! The inner core of the leaves were cooked or used in salads, but isn! Or water to line their nests C. lanatus, thanks for the strings like... Foot around the thorn out. ) ; or should i trim the thorns off them and... Reading it. ) gardens, come visit my thistle garden! starch in the photos above invasive scary plant. From 3 to 400 seeds, the second year growth or extracts in specific... To go from seed to oil the closely related genus, that ’ d be great seen a yellow.... Obtains from health food and other stores contained in this website accept no for... Another thistle i ’ m darned if i can tell the different species apart and,!

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